Travel Belize JBC Coloring Book

-Why should your family get the Travel Belize with JBC Explorer book?

-Great for all ages

-Promotes early literacy skills

-Helps build connections and strengthens bonds with Belize

-Full of colors and activities to engage kids

-A wonderful addition to the Belizean social studies curriculum

-Essentials highlights that will help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests

-Directly supports sustainable tourism as a portion of the proceeds from our book is donated to S.E.A Belize’s conservation efforts.

-Multi-modal informational tool

Cover to cover, our Travel Belize with JBC Explorer Book is a true treat for everyone who loves or wants to know more about Belize! It is our hope that this book is integrated as a part of the unifying bridge that brings together members of the Belizean diaspora, tourists who are visiting our amazing country, as well as an informational tool that can be used to build civic pride in our Social Studies curriculum in Belize. We know that capturing the full beauty and wonder of Belize in one single A-Z guide would be impossible, but this snapshot is an excellent step in raising awareness about hand-selected Belizean sites, cultural items, our dense exotic biodiversity, and national symbols. We have been able to partner with the Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, the Board of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, S.E.A Belize, and The Belize Collection Resorts, as well as 116 amazing sustainable Belizean-owned Businesses to bring this project to life.

What is the project?

We are creating an A-Z Travel Coloring Book and Pictionary as our company is moving toward supporting ecotourism in Belize. Our Travel Belize with JBC Coloring book is a hand-selected A-Z book that will feature a multitude of beautiful sites, exotic animals, ancient ruins, and so much more!

What is ecotourism?

A form of tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife. We are preparing for our #travelbelizejbc trip in June 2022 where we plan to bring down a group of friends and families to Belize! We hope to make this a yearly visit.